What We Do

Offering novel industry expertise in GIS and LiDAR project management
combined with data analytics & interpretation services

LiDAR survey
consulting and
project management

  • Advice on LiDAR vendors, sensors, and operations to plan your survey
  • Data QA/QC to ensure survey deliverables meet required specifications
  • Sourcing and supply of LiDAR Globally – both new survey and existing datasets
  • LiDAR point cloud over Mt Huckleberry, Oregon, USA

    LiDAR Re-Processing
    & Interpretation

    Extensive global experience with LiDAR processing and interpretation to:

  • Find archaeological features; map surface geology and structure; identify – characterize – quantify anthropological change; and locate historical evidence of mining with pinpoint accuracy
  • Reprocessing of existing LiDAR to increase ground data density improving topographic resolution
  • Processing of existing topographic datasets to draw out dormant detail utilized in geological mapping and minerals exploration
  • Data analytics including semi-automated structural data extraction such as bedding strike/dip; combined with machine learning based generation of mineralization strike vectors
  • smart application of specialized processing techniques can reveal incredible detail laying dormant in your data

    Original shaded ground model on left, reprocessed and enhanced ground model on the right

    GIS and Data

  • Mapping & data compilation, data mining
  • Survey plan, scanned map, and image geo-referencing
  • 3D visualization and site modelling
  • Map & figure generation for reports and presentations
  • Mullock and tailings dump mapping and volumetric analysis for resource estimation